On April 25th people across the globe take part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day. For half the world every day is malaria day - a day to keep up the fight against this killer disease. This website is a communication and advocacy platform for civil society north and south to showcase your work , share resources , engage in dialogue, contribute views, ideas and events to mobilise the world against malaria.

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  • In 2015, there were 214 million cases, and 438 000 deaths from Malaria
  • 3.2 billion (almost half of the world population) are at risk
  • In 2015, 97 countries had on-going malaria transmission
  • The global malaria mortality rate was reduced by 60% in 2000 - 15, and an estimated 6.2 million lives were saved as a result of a scale-up of malaria interventions
  • US$ 5.1 billion is needed every year, double the funding available


  • A jubilant reception - Daniel Bridges
  • Life Saving Blood - Quique Bassat
  • Kid suffering from Malaria - Wasim Sutar
  • Delivering a better night's sleep - Todd Jennings
  • Comfortably protected - Konstantin Ikonomidis
  • Children games - Matthieu Zellweger
  • Childhood - Sandipan Majumdar
  • Alone with malaria - Anna Wang
  • Airing a net - Matthieu Zellweger
  • Adult mosquito collection - Mohammad Shafiul Alam
  • Proud - David Greyo
  • Mosquito net - Fabian Biasio
  • Mosquitoes, our neighbors - El Hadji Amdou Niang
  • Mapping malaria - Todd Jennings
  • Malaria has a devastating impact on children education - Antonio Mendes
  • Malaria diagnosis - Quique Bassat
  • Let's Discuss - Sarah Hoibak
  • Learning to spray at the right pace - Feliciano Monti
  • Its all in the blood - Daniel Bridges
  • In the shadow of Malaria - Antonio Mendes
  • In Search of Hope, Climate Displacement in Bangladesh 3 - Stuart Matthews
  • Healthy smiles - Natalia Szczygielska
  • Happy after a malaria test - Feliciano Monti
  • Exposed - Konstantin Ikonomidis
  • Examination - Benjamin Moldenhauer
  • Education for prompt treatment - Quique Bassat


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