On April 25th people across the globe take part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day. For half the world every day is malaria day - a day to keep up the fight against this killer disease. This website is a communication and advocacy platform for civil society north and south to showcase your work , share resources , engage in dialogue, contribute views, ideas and events to mobilise the world against malaria.

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  • In 2015, there were 214 million cases, and 438 000 deaths from Malaria
  • 3.2 billion (almost half of the world population) are at risk
  • In 2015, 97 countries had on-going malaria transmission
  • The global malaria mortality rate was reduced by 60% in 2000 - 15, and an estimated 6.2 million lives were saved as a result of a scale-up of malaria interventions
  • US$ 5.1 billion is needed every year, double the funding available


  • A jubilant reception - Daniel Bridges
  • Life Saving Blood - Quique Bassat
  • Kid suffering from Malaria - Wasim Sutar
  • Delivering a better night's sleep - Todd Jennings
  • Comfortably protected - Konstantin Ikonomidis
  • Children games - Matthieu Zellweger
  • Childhood - Sandipan Majumdar
  • Alone with malaria - Anna Wang
  • Airing a net - Matthieu Zellweger
  • Adult mosquito collection - Mohammad Shafiul Alam
  • Proud - David Greyo
  • Mosquito net - Fabian Biasio
  • Mosquitoes, our neighbors - El Hadji Amdou Niang
  • Mapping malaria - Todd Jennings
  • Malaria has a devastating impact on children education - Antonio Mendes
  • Malaria diagnosis - Quique Bassat
  • Let's Discuss - Sarah Hoibak
  • Learning to spray at the right pace - Feliciano Monti
  • Its all in the blood - Daniel Bridges
  • In the shadow of Malaria - Antonio Mendes
  • In Search of Hope, Climate Displacement in Bangladesh 3 - Stuart Matthews
  • Healthy smiles - Natalia Szczygielska
  • Happy after a malaria test - Feliciano Monti
  • Exposed - Konstantin Ikonomidis
  • Examination - Benjamin Moldenhauer
  • Education for prompt treatment - Quique Bassat

No children's life should be cut short because of Malaria in these ages we are living in. It is a fact that your 1 dollars can save a child life in Africa. Join me in this cause so that together we can save the children and eradicate malaria in Africa. Your donations will help intensify surveillance and response efforts, ensuring prompt diagnostic

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