Malaria in Nigeria? Shocker!!!

On Monday, 25th April 2016, the world celebrated Malaria day. It is expected that Nigeria should be a country also celebrating a move towards elimination, due to the excess expenditure on malaria elimination. Yet, it was reported that Nigeria had one of the highest number of deaths
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Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention – A powerful tool to reduce the burden of malaria in young children

In some parts of Africa, more than 60% of malaria cases occur in just 4 months of the year, during the rainy season. Around 39 million African children under 5 years of age live in these regions of defined malaria seasonality, where an estimated 152 000 die each year from malaria(1).
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Sumitomo Chemical highlights malaria impact on displaced people

As global stakeholders target an end to malaria for good, Sumitomo Chemical highlights the significant malaria problem among displaced people – in a partnership with Nothing But Nets On this World Malaria Day, the global public health community can celebrate the tremendous gains
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Digital Health: The latest tool in the fight against malaria?

Building on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals, World Malaria Day this year is exploring ways to ‘End Malaria for Good’. The theme is focusing on the recently launched Sustainable Development Goals which aim to eradicate malaria by 2030. USING DIGITAL HEALTH T
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Malaria and Vector Research Group’ (MVRG) in Biotechnology Center of Pasteur Institute of Iran

Dear Colleagues, Hereby, by attaching a file of our activities, I wish to introduce you briefly the "Malaria and Vector Research Group' (MVRG) in Biotechnology Center of Pasteur Institute of Iran. As a research group that specifically works on different aspects of "Malaria", mainly
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Can we stop thinking about Zika for a while?

Quick question; can you name a fatal disease transmitted by mosquitoes? Is your answer Zika? The ever pestering mosquito is in the news again. Zika virus, which is believed to cause severe birth defects, is transmitted by mosquitoes. But, we are forgetting that mosquitoes transm
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